PhD Scientific Days 2018

Budapest, April 19–20, 2018

Oral health complications and diabetes

Végh, Dániel

Dr. Dániel Végh1, Dr. Dorottya Bányai2, Ádám Végh3, Prof. Dr. Péter Hermann1, Dr. Márta Ujpál4, Prof. Dr. E. Sylvester Vizi5
1 Semmelweis University Department of Prosthodontics, Budapest, Hungary
2 Semmelweis University Deparment of Pedodontics and Orthodontics, Budapest, Hungary
3 Semmelweis University Faculty of Dentistry, Budapest, Hungary
4 Semmelweis University Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Budapest, Hungary
5 Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary; Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary

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Diabetes and oral health complications have a well known evidence in the literature, however there is a lack of mention about the importance of the annual dental checkups in the international diabetes care guidelines.
Our aim was to investigate the oral health complications of diabetes due to experimental, epidemiological studies, and participate in the creation of an international consensus report. Clinicians and patients will be able to use the consensus guidelines to improve the oral health and life-quality of people living with diabetes (PwD).
Statistical analysis were made in the Semmelweis University Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery as epidemiological study in oral cancer and diabetes. Experimental studies on the neurotransmitter release of noradrenaline to compare the most common used local anesthetic (lidocaine and articaine) effects on diabetic and non-diabetic rats. International consensus report were created for health care professionals and patients about oral health guidelines of PwD.
We published 4 international papers in 2017 about the above mentioned topics. There is a significant association between oral cancer and diabetes, but we didn't find significant clinical difference in the effect of the local anesthetics in our release experiments. As part of an expert team we created international guidelines about oral health care and diabetes.
Diabetes is a core risk factor for oral health complications. With our project evaluation we wanted to emphasize the importance of the annual dental checkups and the importance of the interdisciplinary cooperations.

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Presenter name: Dr. Dániel Végh
Doctoral School: Clinical Medicine
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Péter Hermann, Prof. Dr. E. Sylvester Vizi
Email Address: