PhD Scientific Days 2018

Budapest, April 19–20, 2018

Semi-manual retinal vessel density analysis on optical coherence tomography angiography images of healthy adults

Kolodzey-Angeli, Orsolya

Orsolya Angeli1; Dorottya Hajdu2; Anikó Jeney3; Bálint Czifra4; Balázs Nagy4; Zoltán Zs. Nagy1; Miklós Schneider1

1Semmelweis University, Department of Ophthalmology, Budapest
2Semmelweis University, Faculty of Medicine, Budapest
3FlórFerenc Hospital, Department of Ophthalmology, Budapest
4University of Technology and Economics, Department of Mechatronics, Optics and Mechanical Engineering, Budapest

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Introduction: In recent years, optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA) has become a widely accepted examination method in ophthalmology. Retinal capillary density decreases in numerous eye diseases. Quantification of capillary density and its changes may provide valuable information in relation to the course, outcome and treatment of these diseases.

Aims: In our study we have examined capillary density on OCTA images of healthy subjects using two different semi-manual methods.

Method: We included the right or the left eye of eighteen healthy, young patients in the study (average age: 29, min: 24; max: 40, 11 women, 7 man). We prepared 6x6 mm macular images with the Zeiss CIRRUS HD-OCT 5000 (supplemented with the AngioPlex angiography software). We have analyzed the images by skeletonization and by applying a Shanbhag method, and we determined the capillary density in the ETDRS fields.

Results: The semi-manual methods applied in this study proved to be reliable for analyzing the capillary density. The Shanbhag method was less known before this study, but may be considered very effective in the future.

Conclusion: The two semi-manual methods may be appropriate for the precise analysis of the retinal capillary density. Their application could be also useful for the verification of the new, automated vessel density measuring algorithms developed for the OCTA software programs.

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Doctoral School: Clinical Medicine
Program: Ophthalmology
Supervisor: Schneider Miklós
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