PhD Scientific Days 2018

Budapest, April 19–20, 2018


Wang, Xing

Xin Wang, Prof. Dr. Judit Mészáros
Xin Wang, Semmelweis University Faculty of Health Science Doctoral School, Budapest
Prof. Dr. Mészáros Judit, Doctoral School of Semmelweis University, Budapest

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Xin Wang , Prof. Dr. Judit Mészáros
Xin Wang, Semmelweis University Faculty of Health Science Doctoral School
Prof. Dr. Judit Mészáros, Doctoral School of Semmelweis University.

Introduction: According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, nine types of man can be distinguished. Based on the examinations of their component type of body , as they follow,

1. Well- Balanced type
2. anemic type
3. yang deficiency type
4. ying deficiency type
5. more moderate moisture type
6. hot moisture type
7. blood stasis type
8. depression type
9. special type
Aims: From each of the type- now - only the well balanced type is examined and in this work show how to have right health nutrition. We analyze the prevention role of nutrition, show the viewpoint of prevention, why and what is health.
The historical, theoretical basis provided by the Yellow Emperor’s book. The introducing nutrition components according to his description. The Yellow Emperor’s book was reported in 600 BC.

Well- balanced typed
Body shape: average, no particular feature, face and skin are healthy, hair thick and shiny, sparkling eyes, undisturbed sleep, good appetite, normal urine and stools, light pink tongue with white plague, relaxed pulse wave with power.
Psychic condition: open, happy, rarely sick, the adaptability to the external environment is strong.
Method: The individual seasons have a great impact on the human body. Health condition is affected strongly by the nutrition.
The following is an analysis of which nutrients and foods in each season are commended and why, and which ones should be avoided and why.
Result: The poster graphically depicts the different varieties of food in prevention, show, how the nutrition roles are an important part of health that has been highlighted in the 600 BC.
Conclusion: In Summary, it can be stated that the prevention efforts of Traditional Chinese Medicine do not digger from the teachings of Western Medicine. There is no substantial difference.

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Doctoral School: Faculty of Health Science
Program: Introduction of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Prevention
Supervisor: Judit Mászáros
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