PhD Scientific Days 2018

Budapest, April 19–20, 2018

Reproducibility of gingival thickness measurement by PIROP ultrasonic biometer

Gánti, Bernadett

Bernadett Gánti1, Karolina Kőműves1, Wojciech Bednarz2, János Vág1
1Department of Conservative Dentistry, Faculty of Dentistry, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary
2 Specialistic Outpatient Medical Clinic Medident, Poland

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Introduction: Gingival thickness (GT) has a great importance in periodontal flap design, gingival recession and soft tissue aesthetic of implant-borne prosthetic restorations. PIROP ultrasonic biometer is a novel device specially designed for human GT measurements.

Aims: The aim of this study was to determine the reproducibility of PIROP and to compare to the invasive transgingival probing by application of a spreader.

Method: 25 periodontally healthy volunteers (age: 37±16 years, 16 females and 9 males) GT was tested on keratinized tissue at tooth 12. The measurement point was located midbuccally, 2 mm apically from gingival margin. GT was detected with PIROP in the test group and ISO 15 spreader hand instrument with rubber stopper were used in the control group. Five repeated non-invasive and invasive measurements were recorded in each case. The reproducibility was assessed by calculation of standard deviation (SD) and Pearson correlation coefficient (r). The agreement between the two methods was evaluated by Bland Altman limits of agreement (LoA).

Results: No systemic bias in GT was observed between the two methods (1.13±0.07 mm in test group vs 1.04±0.03 mm in control group, p=0.218). The repeatability of the ultrasonic method was better than the invasive method (SD=0.14 [0.13-0.17] mm versus 0.20 [0.17-0.23] mm, p<0.001). With five repetitions the measurement error of the PIROP decreased from ±0.14 mm to ±0.06 mm. The correlation among the repeated observations were strong (r=0.86) for the ultrasonic, weak (r=0.34) for the invasive method and weak between the two methods (r=0.39). The LoA between the two methods was +0.75 to -0.58 mm.

Conclusion: PIROP is a reliable device to routinely measure gingival thickness. As the repeated measurement is easy and quick, though it is recommended to repeat the measurement a few times to improve the precision.

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Doctoral School: Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine
Program: Dental Research
Supervisor: Dr. Vág János
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