PhD Scientific Days 2018

Budapest, April 19–20, 2018

Employee performance appraisal systems in Hungarian hospitals

Sárga, Norbert Zétény

Nagykőrösi Rehabilitációs Szakkórház és Rendelőintézet, Nagykőrös

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Introduction: The fit between institutional and individual goals is essential for the functioning of a successful institution, organization. Without performance appraisal it is hard to measure both the achievement of the institutional goals and the individual's work and contribution. In the world of work, performance appraisal is part of both the organizational systems and culture.

Aims: The aim of our research is to explore and describe performance appraisal system and the practice of employee performance appraisal in public hospitals. Hospitals with inpatient departments and specialized hospitals are in the focus of the research. It is also the purpose of the research to circumscribe their development opportunities and limits.

As at theoretical framework I describe the performance evaluation cycle and the development steps of performance evaluation systems. I lay special emphasis on the notion and definition of performance. I further elaborate the alternative use of the outputs of the performance appraisal system, the appraising methods and the participants of the evaluation process. Evaluation errors and biases are also be introduced from both the evaluator and the evaluated angle. I also review the benefits and disadvantages of performance appraisal systems.

Method: Research methods consist of questionnaire survey, interviews and focus group. Results of a pilot and the experise of health executives and experts were also involved into the scale development of the questionnaire. Hypotheses are based on a previous examination of the hospitals of Dél-Alföldi Térség.

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Doctoral School: Mental Health Sciences
Program: Sociological and mental health aspects of individual and community resources
Supervisor: Gyula Bakacsi
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