PhD Scientific Days 2018

Budapest, April 19–20, 2018

The avail of hospital care in the last 5 years of patient lives

Szecsenyi-Nagy, Balázs

1 Semmelweis University, Budapest
2 Semmelweis University, Budapest

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From the data of literaure and Hungarian studies (Boncz, 2005) is known that the health care expenses show a significant concentration: we spend more than 80% of the available resources for health care to less than 20% of the population.
The aim of our research is explore the alteration of health care costs with the help of available routine databases, focusing on the period before the death of an individual.
Our study based on the comulate requisitioning date of hospital care, which registered by NEAK in medical care financing databases. The data of the deceased persons in June 2017 were examined. The requisitioning date of hospital care were collected by monthly breakdown for total of the last 5 years.
In both groups, the value of the use of the service increased on a trendy basis over time, however, the changes between the months showed decrease in several cases. The avail of hospital care between the two groups was significantly different in June 2017 (67.5% among the examined group and 3.4% among the control group). In the last 3 months, the proportion of hospital care requisitioning per capita in the examined group and the control group was significantly higher among the deceased group.
Compared to the control group, hospital care is increases significantly in the examined group in the month of mortality and in the previous 3 months. The proportion of recipients in the last month is about 20 times higher, but the cost per user is only about 38% higher than the same members of the control group. The significant increase in inpatient care costs in the last month of the deceased's lives is due in part to the difference in the rate of use, and to a lesser extent to the higher per capita use.

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Doctoral School: Doctoral School of Mental Health Sciences
Program: Mental Health Sciences
Supervisor: Peter GAAL
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