PhD Scientific Days 2018

Budapest, April 19–20, 2018

Connection of Suicidal Behavior Disorder And Substance Abuse Disorder

Barna, Bianka

Semmelweis University, Doctoral School

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Introduction. In the last decade more and more trials investigate the connection between two self-destructive behaviour, suicidal behaviour disorder and substance abuse disorder. Suicidal behaviour is classified as a mental disorder first in the DSM-V.
The similarity between them are transparent; both of them are deliberate, self-destructive actions. Their aims usually is escape from unbearable emotional conditions. But since they’re very often considered only symptoms of other mental disorders, the attachment between them wasn't always so obvious.
Aims. To describe the population which are at the highest risk of premature death among those, who attempted suicide, based on the literature and our retrospective analyses of patients data. First of all we try to describe the typical substance abuse patterns.
Methods. We plan to retrospectivly analyse the electronic patient registry of Semmelweis University in the past more than ten years, the MedSol. It registers in own categories (earlier) suicide attempts and substance abuse as well. In addition we collects autopsies from the University's Pathological Institute. According to Hungarian laws, all deaths by (assumed) suicide must be investigated in certain institutes
The investigated population is suicide commiters, attempters and successful ones too. Unlike similar investigations before, we exclude patients who have bipolar I. disorder, or schizophrenia. These disorders have typically and known extremely high rate of suicide. Besides they’re already under supervision. Including them would probably disform the results, so would the efficient prevention.
Results. According to the literature, there is specific pattern in the substance abuse of suicide committers. Attempters more likely abuse amphetamines, hallucinogenes, while those died in suicide more likely use heroin and inhalants.
Conclusion. Suicide behaviour’s strongest risk factors are depressive episode and substance abuse. With the exclusion of bipolar I and schizophrenic patients, substance abuse and it’s pattern maybe would became more creditable risk factor of suicide.

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