PhD Scientific Days 2018

Budapest, April 19–20, 2018

Oral presentations: Mental Sciences

Kapitány-Fövény, Máté
The explanatory role of socio-cultural factors in cross-national variability of mental disorders’ prevalence
Gradvohl, Edina
A systemic change in CPR training for lay – skill teaching by peer education
Szalai, Tamás Dömötör
Complex modeling of parental attachment, patient's personality and eating disorder symptoms
Takács, Rozália
The frequency of catatonic syndrome in an acute psychiatric ward
Leindler, Milán
Modern 3D graphic softwares in investigating body image disturbance
Vajda, Kinga Katalin
Challenges and opportunities for elderly people’s day care services in the light of growing and changing needs
Angyal, Nóra
Genetic association analysis of the canonical Wnt-signaling receptor genes LRP5 and LRP6 with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Marosi, Csilla
Perception in schizophrenia: an ERP-study
Vincze, Ágnes
Patient adherence: can we trust the physicians’ evaluation?
Major, János
Abdominal pain-related functional gastrointestinal disorders among Hungarian adolescents
Baradits, Máté
EEG microstate features based classification: Schizophrenia vs. Healthy Control
Koren, Réka
Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy Training Effects on Therapists: A Bilingual and Tri-National Comparison
Pató, Irina
Impulsivity and observed stress, as a risk factor of the probability of suicide in law enforcement institutes
Simoncsics, Eszter
Own pain experience and avoidance of health care providers and its impact on their attitudes towards patient care
Szabó, Evelin
Dyadic Coping in Romantic Relationships: A Personal Project Approach
Édes, Andrea Edit
Perception of pain is influenced by rumination: an fMRI study
Eszlári, Nóra
Effect of GABRA6 gene on suicide risk is dependent on stress
László, Szandra
Surján, Cecília
Short to mid-term mortality of hip fracture patients in Hungary – what influences the rates?