PhD Scientific Days 2018

Budapest, April 19–20, 2018

Oral presentations: Pharmaceutical

Tóth, Gergő
Physicochemical characterization and cyclodextrin complexation of tyrosine kinase inhibitors
Sólyomváry, Anna
Investigation of fruit components in the fruit of Cirsium erisithales
Mirzahosseini, Arashi
Physico-chemical characterization of brain metabolites using multinuclear magnetic resonance techniques
Pápay, Zsófia Edit
Zádori S., Zoltán
Analysing the long-term effect of cyclooxygenase-2 inhibition on small intestinal mucosal integrity and microbiota
Lengyel, Miklós
The cloxyquin (5-chloroquinolin-8-ol) derivative A2764 is a selective and state dependent inhibitor of TRESK background K+ channel
Bogdán, Dóra
Structure elucidation of squalenoylated ecdysteroid derivatives by NMR spectroscopy
Juriga, Dávid
Synthesis and investigation of biodegradable poly(amino acid) based nano drug-delivery systems
Petschner, Peter
The magnitude of the effect of various risk SNPs is a function of stress exposure in depression – a comparison with 5-HTTLPR
Foroughbakhshfasaei, Mohammadhassan
A comparative enantioseparation of thalidomide class of drugs using polysaccharide-type stationary phases in lights of elution sequence and thermodynamic analysis in polar organic mode
Jakab, Géza
Formulation and Investigation of Baicalin in Self-emulsifying Drug Delivery Systems
Sebák, Fanni
Role and structure of scaffolds in canonical serine protease inhibitor variants: an NMR spectroscopic view
Aghrbi, Isameddin
Study on the dissolution improvement of a poorly water soluble model drug using wet milling technique
Molnár, István
Investigation of pH inducated calcium ion patterns
Ágg, Bence
Increased Visceral Arterial Tortuosity in Marfan Syndrome: A Possible New Approach to Risk Stratification.