PhD Scientific Days 2024

Budapest, 9-10 July 2024

Poster Session C - Mental Health Sciences 1.

Evaluation of National Knee Arthroplasty Annual Reports


Lívía Lengyel1
1: SE EKK Egészségügyi Menedzserképző Központ

Text of the abstract

Introduction: The evaluation aims to compare and summarize the national joint registry report on knee arthroplasty to identify the main differences and similarities in the patient population. According to the evaluation, the Hungarian total knee replacement patients involved in quantitative research can be positioned for international comparison.
Method: The evaluation is based on the National Knee Arthroplasty Annual Reports from North America and Europe, from the year of 2022 or 2023. The investigation focused on age, sex, the number of primary surgeries, prostheses, AI, innovative technologies during surgery and surgery planning, and applied patient-reported outcome measures or other questionnaires filled out by the patient.
Result: The research found nine national annual reports in contact with total knee replacement in English and/or French in the recent years (2022-2023). There are no differences between countries regarding the patient's age and sex. In any analyzed country, female patients are overrepresented, and the mean age is 67-69 years. The suggested or obligatory PROM questionnaire can be observed only in two examined countries (USA, UK).
Conclusion: However, the Hungarian national report does not include comprehensive details like the countries mentioned above; the patient population in our qualitative research can be compared to international practices and main data.