PhD Scientific Days 2019

Budapest, April 25–26, 2019

Investigation the effect on mortality of certain high-prevalence chronic disease single and combined incidence

Szécsényi-Nagy, Balázs

1 Semmelweis Egyetem Mentális Egészségtudományok Doktori Iskola, Budapest
2 Semmelweis Egyetem Egészségügyi Közszolgálati Kar, Budapest

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Introduction: Certain chronic disease have important role in mortality of hungarian population. Some of these disease – hypertension (HT), diabetes mellitus (DM), ischemic heart disease (IHD) and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) – recive special attention by general practitioner (GP) indicator system of National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary.

Aims: The investigation the effect on mortality of HT, DM, IHD and COPD.

Method: Comparisation of mortality data of patients suffering from the examined disease (patient group) and patient not registered in this disease (control group) based on the criteria defined in the GP system. We divide the patient group and control group into another groups according to age and gender based on 31st December 2016 status. For each group, we examined how much people died in 2017. year and how much patient in live on 1st Januar 2018. We compare the mortality of the patient group and the control group.

Results: In case of HT and DM, aged between 40-49 years the mortality rate is 1,5-2 times higher compare to control group. In case of IHD and COPD the mortality rate is in age group 50-59 3,5-4 times, 60-69 3 times, over 70 years 2-2,5 times. If someone suffered from more chronic disease the mortality rate is increase 1,5–14 times compared to control group.

Conclusion: In the case of HT and DM only in 40-49 age group was considerable difference in mortality compare to control group. The mortality of patient suffered from IHD and COPD is higher then the control group, theses disease are a higher risk factor in mortality. If a patient has more chronic disease, the risk of mortality is increase. In case of this investigated single and combined chronic disease the extra risk of mortality is decreased with increasing age compare to control group.

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Semmelweis Egyetem Mentális Egészségtudományok Doktori Iskola