PhD Scientific Days 2019

Budapest, April 25–26, 2019


Farkas, Dóra

Dóra Farkas, Nikolett Kállai-Szabó, István Antal
Semmelweis University, Department of Pharmaceutics, Budapest

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Introduction: Pharmaceutical foams are designed mainly for dermal application. They are active ingredient-bearing colloid systems, where the gas is dispersed in the continuous liquid phase. Owing to their numerous advantages, like quick and easy application without oily residues, increased patient compliance is attached to tfoam formulations.

Aims: Propellant free pump devices enable the production of light textured foams from microemulsions. Foams formed from O/W microemulsion systems using different natural oils were investigated aiming to create a stable, pleasant textured, easily applicable foam formulation. We inteted to find connections between the composition (type and amount of the oil phase and the surface active agents), the physico-chemical paramters (eg. oil phase viscosity, surface tension) and the foam consistency.

Method: The characterization of pharmaceutical foams requires physico-chemical methods (e.g. viscosity, surface tension measurements), pharmacopoeial tests (eg. relative foam density) and image analysis of bubble morphology.

Results: Examining the foams with image analysis provides information on the number, shape and size of the bubbles. The attributes of the bubbles and thus the foam, are influenced by both the composition (like type and amount of surface active agents, type of the oil phase) and the time passed after actuation.

Conclusion: The results demonstrated the significance of the formulation parameters in the optimization of pharmaceutical foam quality attributes. A complex approach is needed to investigate the properties of the foam, involving image analysis of bubble size, shape and number.

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Doctoral School: Pharmaceutical Sciences
Program: Modern Trends in Pharmaceutical Scientific Results
Supervisor: István Antal
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