PhD Scientific Days 2019

Budapest, April 25–26, 2019


Tóth-Vajna, Rita

Rita Tóth-Vajna1, Tamás Martos2
1 Institute of Mental Health / Semmelweis University, Budapest
2 Institute of Psychology / University of Szeged

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Introduction: In our presentation we would like to show the improvement of the Consensus Rorschach Test’s (CRT) processometric evaluation system (Bagdy et al, 2006) and the correlation with the dyadic coping of romantic partners.

Aims: To present the Consensus Rorschach Test, that is a task where the couple have to work together to solve a problem, which is similar in practice to the questions that the Dyadic Coping Inventory asks in theory.

Method: Ninety heterosexual couples (aged 32.7 +/- 12.3 years), living together for a minimum of 1 year, were involved in a research. We used the following variables at the CRT: which member of the couple starts and closes the conversation; what is their decision and who’s idea was that; at which level the situation was solved; how long time and during how many interaction units they made a decision on each card and in total; the dimension of dominance, constructiveness and emotional distance . After the CRT, they completed in the Dyadic Coping Inventory (DCI, Martos et al, 2012) and Hungarian version of the Relationship Assessment Scale (RAS-H, Martos et al, 2014). Correlations among the variables were calculated.

Results: The results show that there are several significant, but weak (0.2 < r < 0.4) correlations between the factors of DCI and RAS-H and the variable of CRT. We prove, that the results of CRT expand and deepen our knowledge of dyadic coping and partners’ communication.

Conclusion: We found it useful to examine the couple’s relationship in different ways. We would like to show the future opportunities for applying CRT.

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Doctoral School: Mental Health Sciences
Program: Sociological and Mental Health Approaches to Resources for Individual and Communities
Supervisor: Tamás Martos
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