PhD Scientific Days 2021

Budapest, 7-8 July 2021

CL_I_P: Clinical Medicine I. Posters

Age- and Sex-specific Reference Values of Right Ventricular Compacted and Trabeculated Myocardium by Cardiac Magnetic Resonance

Anna Réka Kiss MD1, Zsófia Gregor MD1, Ádám Furák1, Liliána Erzsébet Szabó MD1, Zsófia Dohy MD1, Béla Merkely MD, PhD, DSc1, Hajnalka Vágó MD, PhD1, Andrea Szűcs MD, PhD1

1 Heart and Vascular Center of Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary

Text of the abstract

Aims: The threshold-based trabecular quantification method for cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) postprocessing analysis makes it possible to precisely quantify both compacted (RV-CMi) and trabeculated (RV-TMi) myocardial masses. We aimed to describe the age- and sex-related normal reference values of the RV-CMi, the RV-TMi and RV volumetric and functional parameters and investigate the determinants of RV myocardial mass value with CMR.
Methods: Two hundred healthy Caucasian volunteers free of known cardiovascular or systemic diseases were enrolled in this study. Four different age groups were established with equal numbers of males and females: Group A (n=50, 20-29 years), Group B (n=50, 30-39 years), Group C (n=50, 40-49 years), and Group D (n=50, ≥ 50 years). RV volumetric and functional, RV-CMi and RV-TMi values were measured with a threshold-based postprocessing method for CMR.
Results: The age- and sex-related normal reference ranges of the RV-CMi and the RV-TMi and RV volumetric and functional parameters were established. The volumetric parameters RV-CMi and RV-TMi were larger in males, and the ejection fraction (EF) was higher in females. The RV-CMi remained unchanged over time in both sexes, and the RV-TMi decreased with age in females and remained stable in males. The RV-TMi and RV-CMi correlated positively with RV volumetric parameters, the left ventricular (LV)-CMi, the LV-TMi and each other in both sexes. Sex, LV-TMi, LV-CMi and RV end-systolic volume were independent predictors of RV-TMi.
Conclusion: The use of RV-trabeculated and RV-compacted myocardial mass normal values might have additive value in diagnosing different conditions with RV hypertrophy or hypertrabeculation.
Funding: EFOP-3.6.3-VEKOP-16-2017-00009

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Semmelweis University, Doctoral School of Theoretical and Translational Medicine