PhD Scientific Days 2021

Budapest, 7-8 July 2021

MO_II_L: Molecular Sciences II. Lectures

Improving the Quality and the Time Complexity of Network Visualization by Hierarchical Relative Entropy Optimization

Bence Ágg1,2, Viktória Kovács1, Bettina Benczik1, István Kovács3, Péter Csermely4, Péter Ferdinandy1,2

1 Cardiometabolic and MTA-SE System Pharmacology Research Group, Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary
2 Pharmahungary Group, Szeged, Hungary
3 Department of Physics and Astronomy, Northwestern University, Evanston, USA
4 Department of Medical Chemistry, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary

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Semmelweis University, Doctoral School of Pharmaceutical Sciences