PhD Scientific Days 2021

Budapest, 7-8 July 2021

CL_V_P: Clinical Medicine V. Posters

Supplementary valproate therapy for glioma patients - an alternative opportunity to enhance the efficiency of the radio-chemotherapy

Tamás Mezei MD. (1,2) /divided first author/, Dávid Mészáros MD. (1) /divided first author/, Péter Pollner PhD. (3,4), Attila György Bagó MD. PhD. (2), Imre Fedorcsák MD. PhD. (2), Péter Banczerowski MD. PhD. DSc. (1,2), László Sipos MD. PhD. (1,2)

1: Department of Neurosurgery, Semmelweis University
57 Amerikai Rd, Budapest, 1145, Hungary
2: National Institute of Mental Disorders, Neurology and Neurosurgery
57 Amerikai Rd, Budapest, 1145, Hungary
3: MTA-ELTE Statistical and Biological Physics Research Group
1/a. Pázmány Péter Rd, Budapest, 1117, Hungary
4: Health Services Management Training Center, Semmelweis University
2 Kútvölgyi Rd, Budapest, 1125, Hungary

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University and Doctoral School

Semmelweis University, János Szentágothai Doctoral School of Neurosciences