PhD Scientific Days 2024

Budapest, 9-10 July 2024

Poster Session B - Pharmaceutical Sciences and Health Technologies 1.

14:45 – 14:48 Dobó, Máté
Chemo-and eanatioselective reversed-phase HPLC analysis of dexketoprofen. Fine-tuning enantioselectivity through hysteretic behavior and temperature-dependent enantiomer elution order on polysaccharide chiral stationary phases
14:50 – 14:53 Makolli, Amir
The Effect of Different Gravity Levels on Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Drugs: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
14:55 – 14:58 Marton, Szandra
Prescribing Habits of Tolperisone in Hungary: the Effect of Indication Restriction and Direct Healthcare Professional Communication Letters
15:00 – 15:03 Musa, Safaa Mohammed Omer
Development and Formulation of Nanofiber-based Ophthalmic Inserts for the Treatment of Fungal Keratitis
15:05 – 15:08 Demeter, Adrienn Katalin
Applicability of plant-based drinks as a carrier system
15:10 – 15:13 Péterfi, Orsolya
Real-time Particle Size Measurement During the Pellet Layering Process Using Artificial Intelligence-aided Endoscopic Imaging
15:15 – 15:18 Artner, Anna
Systematic Review on Adjusting Statin Dosage for the Elderly
15:20 – 15:23 Nochta-Kazsoki, Adrienn Katalin
Development and characterization of a Nanofibrous Ophthalmic Insert for the Treatment of Age-related Macular Degeneration
15:25 – 15:28 Sóskuti, Emőke
Applicability of MDR1 Overexpressing Abcb1KO-MDCKII Cell Lines for Investigating In Vitro Species Differences and Brain Penetration Prediction
15:30 – 15:33 Lincmajer, Zoltan
Optimization of a synaptosome model to study the effects of inhibition of angiotensin receptor 1 and  2 on synaptic glutamate release
15:35 – 15:38 Abboud, Houssam
Development of Levofloxacin-loaded Electrospun Nanofibrous Ocular Insert for the Treatment of Antibacterial Conjunctivitis
15:40 – 15:43 Esnard, Marie
Development of an AAV bioproduction technological platform in microalgae
15:45 – 15:48 Lóska, Dóra
Inhibition of synaptic monoamine uptake by tolperisone
15:50 – 15:53 Eduardo, Iniesta-López
Ionic liquids as a new molecular carriers for anticancer drugs