PhD Scientific Days 2024

Budapest, 9-10 July 2024

Poster Session D - Neurosciences 1.

14:45 – 14:48 Bod, Réka
Bridging in vivo and in vitro recordings in the human epileptic neocortex: patient-wise comparative analysis of single-unit activities
14:50 – 14:53 Galambos, Anna
Glycine Transporter 1 Inhibitors Delay Morphine Analgesic Tolerance In Rats
14:55 – 14:58 Sándor, Alexandra
Development of a Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cerebellar Organoid Model
15:00 – 15:03 Zichó, Krisztián
Revealing a Novel Pontine Reward Center in Mammals
15:05 – 15:08 Berta, Katalin
Exploring trends in interneuronal diversity of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and caudate nucleus in primates
15:10 – 15:13 Csikós, Klaudia
Are cortical columns ubiquitous? High-resolution identification of functional domains in cat visual cortex using 3D functional ultrasound imaging
15:15 – 15:18 Gomaa, Nariman
Tolperisone-Pregabalin Combination: a Promising Therapy for Neuropathic Pain in Rats
15:20 – 15:23 Dóra, Fanni
Genomic insights into the effects of social isolation on the medial prefrontal cortex in male rats
15:25 – 15:18 Somogyi, Fanni
Screening AAV delivery routes, capsids and promoters for cortex-wide functional and long-term stable access to brain function in large-brain species
15:30 – 15:33 Melnikova, Ekaterina
Pro-activating Effects of Exposure to Different AlCl3 Concentrations on Microglial Cells in Vitro
15:35 – 15:38 Buday, Zsolt
Mapping the Excitatory and Inhibitory Input Structure of the Paraventricular Thalamic Nucleus
15:40 – 15:43 Hajdu, Tamara
Selective Induction of Krebs Cycle Enzyme Subunits in the Parahippocampal Cortex of Suicide Victims
15:45 – 15:48 Schlingloff, Dániel
Anatomical, electrophysiological and functional characterization of lateral septal cholinergic neurons.