PhD Scientific Days 2017

Budapest, 11-12 April 2017


Ács, Balázs
Immune checkpoint markers in pregnancy-related – and in early-onset breast cancer: A comparative study

Angyal, Nóra
Genetic association analysis of norepinephrine transporter polymorphisms and methylphenidate response in ADHD patients

Bagaméry, Fruzsina
Alteration of insulin receptor substrate 1 (IRS-1) phosphorylation in different tissues in diet induced obesity in rats

Bálint, László
Postnatal remodeling of meningeal lymphatics is required for the drainage of macromolecules from the CNS

Bálity, Csaba
Childbearing Motivations of Adolescents and Young Adults Living in Large Families

Balogh, Eszter
Binding capacity of pathogenic and non-pathogenic NPHS2 heterodimers

Balogh, Mihály
Novel opioid produces measurable peripheral antinociception after local or systemic administration

Balogh, Veronika
Shaping of thalamic network activity by layer 6 corticothalamic feedback

Balogh, Zoltán
Endocannabinoid interactions in the regulation of behavioral responses to trauma

Barta, Hajnalka
Prognostic performance of proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy metabolite ratios in the first 96 hours of life in asphyxiated neonates

Barták, Barbara Kinga
Analysis of SFRP1, SFRP2, SDC2 and PRIMA1 promoter methylation for colorectal adenoma and cancer detection in plasma samples

Bencsik, András
Explorative analysis of the dynamics of the murine CD103+ cytotoxic resident memory T cell responses during influenza reinfection

Benedek, Zsófia
Testing a methodology for finding surgical adverse events.- Pilot study of BELLA program

Benke, Kálmán
Reduction of ischemia/reperfusion injury with pharmacological preconditioning of the donor heart

Berecz, Tünde
Induced pluripotent stem cell-based modelling of DiGeorge syndrome

Béres, Nóra Judit
Role of microRNA-223 in the activation of poly(adp-ribose) polymerase in pediatric patients with Crohn’s disease

Bogyi, Péter
Use of remote monitoring systems improves survival among chronic systolic heart failure patients after CRT-D implantation

Bruzsik, Bíborka
The role of prefronto-hypothalamic projections in aggressive behaviour

C. Sági, Judit
Cardiotoxicity of anthracyclines in pediatric patients with cancer

Csányi, Csilla
Relations between atherosclerosis and AB0 blood group; von Willebrand factor and osteoprotegerin

Csecs, Ibolya
Determining left and right ventricular cardiac magnetic resonance parameters using threshold-based trabecula quantification method by three independent observers

Csizmazia, Dániel
Comparing the role of mechanical and electrical stimuli in the neurogenic inflammation of the rat dental pulp. A longitudinal study.

Czimbalmos, Csilla
Distinguishing arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) from athlete’s heart using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR)

Debreczeni, Márta Lídia
The effect of complement MASP-1 on endothelial cell permeability

Durst, Máté
Involvement of D1 dopamine receptor in accumbens nucleus in hedonic food intake

Dzhalilova, Dzhuliia
Intensity of LPS-induced inflammation of Wistar rats with different hypoxia tolerance

Édes, Andrea
Increased fMRI BOLD signal response of anterior cingulate cortex during serotoninergic challenge in migraine

Eszlári, Nóra
SORCS3 gene replicated in the gene-based genomic background of neuroticism

Fazekas, Réka
Revascularisation of the human mucosa after vestibuloplasty procedures

Feher, Agnes
The beneficial effects of the novel α2B/α2C –AR and 5-HT1A agonist cyclomethyline on gastric mucosal integrity and on gastrointestinal motility

Gampe, Nóra
Homonipecotic acid derivatives: new natural products isolated from spiny restharrow

Garam, Nóra
Platelet count, ADAMTS13 activity, von-Willebrand Factor level and survival in patients with colorectal cancer: 5-year follow up study

Giricz, Zsófia
No association between ABCA1 promoter polymorphism and Alzheimer’s disease risk

Gönczi, Lóránt
Final results on efficacy and safety of biosimilar infliximab after one-year: results from a prospective nationwide cohort

Gubányi, Mónika
Equilibrant internal and external relationship Forces in Hungarian, Polish, British Business Families: in the Light of ten cases’ Being and Functioning

Gyebnár, Gyula
DTI in early cognitive decline: Differentiation between MCI subtypes and healthy controls by diffusion tensor imaging

Halász, László
Probabilistic tractography can reveal optimal stimulation sites in Parkinson’s disease

Hathy, Edit
Using an isogenic human induced pluripotent stem cell lines to study the role of disrupted in schizophrenia 1 gene in hippocampal neurogenesis

Herczeg, Szilvia
Silent cerebral ischaemia after point-by-point radiofrequency pulmonary vein isolation

Horváth, Gergő

Horváth N., Orsolya
Complement Fixation Test for Diagnosis of Bullous Pemphigoid

Humli, Viktória
Age-dependent hearing impairment in Caskin KO mice

Jermendy, Adam L.
Pancreatic Lipid Deposition is Determined by Environmental Rather Than Genetic Factors: a Classical Twin Study

Kanti, Vivien
Role of the midline thalamus in fear learning and anxiety

Kasiri, Elnaz
Association between intra pancreatic lipid content and HbA1c levels in middle aged Hungarian women with a history of gestational diabetes mellitus.

Kazsoki, Adrienn
Tracking of the optimum composition of hydroxypropyl cellulose-polyvinyl alcohol aqueous solutions containing papaverine hydrochloride for fiber formation

Kecskeméti, Nóra
Prevalence of GJB2 mutations in patients with non-syndromic sensorineural deafness in Hungary

Khochanskiy, A.N.
The influence of myramyldipeptide deriviate on tumor-bearing mice

Khochanskiy, Dmitry
Changes of the colon muscular layer and the enteric nervous system in the animal model of acute ulcerative colitis

Khorolsuren, Zambaga
Effects of novel synthetic polypeptides containing ‘cycloRGD’ sequences - on PDLSC functional characterization

Kirizs, Tekla
Nanoscale distribution of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels and release-related proteins in presynaptic active zones

Kiss, Eszter
Multispectroscopic analysis of DNA-binding of the anticancer drug sunitinib (Sutent ®)

Kiss, Loretta
Serum uric acid level is independently associated with subclinical atherosclerosis in asymptomatic population

Kiss, Máté
The role of the physiological artefacts removal at resting-state functional MRI with

Kiss, Zoltán
Eosinophil cell density in the lower gastrointestinal tract of healthy individuals

Kocsis-Deák, Barbara
A new custom-made multiplex PCR-based hot spot test for the parallel detection of genetic alterations in papillary thyroid cancer tissue

Kolossváry, Márton
Radiomic features of high risk coronary lesions

Komoróczy, Eszter
Psychiatric co-morbidity and complications in liver transplantation

Könye, Rita
Taxon-specific accumulation of new, antiproliferative neo- and sesquineolignans in the fruits of Cirsium species

Koren, Réka
The effects of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy training on therapists

Köteles, István
Possibilities of anti-drug vaccine design

Kovács, Árpád Ferenc
Emerging roles of pregnancy-associated circulating extracellular vesicles in modulation of trophoblast cell functions

Kovács, Eszter
Serotype comparison of carried versus clinical isolates from 2015-2016 in the era of pneumococcal conjugated vaccines in Hungary

Kovács, Kata
The possible role of relative adrenal insufficiency in haemodynamic instability of asphyxiated infants

Kovács, Tibor
Imaging of hepatic function following portal vein ligation in rat – The Old, the New and the Shiny

Kővári, Dóra
Effects of a manno-oligosaccharide prebiotic (MOS) in DSS-induced ulcerative colitis model

Krencz, Ildikó
The potential predictive role of increased mTORC2 activity in brain metastasis formation of pulmonary adenocarcinomas

Kürti, Zsuzsanna
Therapeutic preferences and outcomes in newly diagnosed patient with Crohn's diseases in the biological era in Hungary. A nationwide study based on the National Health Insurance Fund database

Kuti, Dániel
Gut microbiota as a target for supplementary therapy of chronic stress-related depression

Lakatos, Andrea
Neonatal encephalopathy – role of birth trauma

László, Szandra
Behavioural training for sleep problems in Williams syndrome

Leindler, Milán
Studying the applicability of a 3D modelling program, the DAZ Studio on the field of body image measurement

Lenart, Lilla
Novel option for the treatment of renal hypoxic injury

Lengyel, Ingrid
Patient information as a right of hypertension patients presenting in primary GP care

Lengyel, Miklós
Cloxyquin (5-chloroquinolin-8-ol) is a selective and state dependent activator of TRESK background K+ channel

Lizzeth Madera Sandoval, Ruth
Usefulness of radiosensitizing substance (pentoxifylline) for the treatment of cancer using NKT cells using a solid tumor model in mice

Maihoub, Stefani
Ultrasound-Computer-Craniocorpography in peripheral vestibular disorders

Major, János
Epidemiology of pain predominant functional gastrointestinal disorders among teenagers in Hungary

Makkos, András
Investigation of simulated ischemia/reperfusion injury in an in vitro hyperlipidemic comorbidity model

Marosi, Csilla
Emotion recognition in schizophrenia: an ERP-study

Merész, Gergő
Mining procurement data of the Hungarian healthcare sector

Mervai, Zsolt
Diethylnitrosamine induces lung adenocarcinoma in FVB/N mouse

Mészáros, Gergely
Nonsuicidal self-injury, its psychopathological correlates and association with pathological internet use among adolescents

Mező, Blanka
Determination of complement profile in kidney transplant recipients

Molnár, Eszter
Combination of pan-RAF and MEK inhibitionin nonV600E BRAF mutantcelllines

Molnár, Eszter
Gingival blood flow measurement reproducibility by Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging method

Molnár, István
Spatial Self-organization in Inorganic Bromate Oscillators

Molnár, Zsuzsanna
Genetic factors of the glycosylation pattern in lung cancer: a study of biomarkers for prevention and prognosis

Mühl, Dorottya
Changes in the redox-homeostasis during anticancer treatment in colorectal cancer patients

Nádasdi, Ákos
Correlation among intrahepatic lipid content and OGTT values

Nagy, Ádám
Effect of combined mutational fingerprint of ERBB receptor family on survival in non-small cell lung cancer

Nagy, Balint
Production and NMR examination of the interface domain-deleted human dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase

Nagy, Noémi
Metabolic characterisation and mTOR inhibitor induced metabolic alterations in human lymphoma cells

Németh, Ágnes
Pioglitazone effectively reduces renal interstitial fibrosis in TGF-ß transgenic mice

Németh, Balázs
Characterization of a novel mouse model of hepatic cardiomyopathy

Odler, Balázs
Heat shock protein 70 correlates with platelet number in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Orosz, Ádám
Cellular uptake and subcellular localization of novel daunorubicin-peptide conjugates

Papp, Orsolya
Organ-specific CNV patterns of distant metastatic melanomas revealed by aCGH

Pató, Irina
Impulsivity, as a risk factor of the probability of suicide.

Perczel, György
Analysis of EEG data of epileptic patients based on the estimation of Hawkes’ self-exciting point processes

Perge, Pál
Evaluation of circulating extracellular vesicle-associated microRNAs as minimally invasive biomarkers of adrenocortical tumors

Petővári, Gábor
Characterisation of metabolic and mtor activity in different breast cancer subtypes

Pongor, Lőrinc Sándor
Performing survival analysis of gene expression signatures associated to genetic alterations in lung cancer patients

Przemyslaw Ujma, Péter
Sex differences in sleep spindle lateralization

Rácz, Anna
Borderline patients' representations about their parents' early parenting behaviors

Ravasz, Dora
Catabolism of GABA, succinic semialdehyde or gamma-hydroxybutyrate through the GABA shunt impair mitochondrial substrate-level phosphorylation

Rengeiné Kiss, Tímea
Hemostasis reserve capacity during bloodless liver transplantation

Ruppert, Mihály
Targeting the nitric oxide-unresponsive soluble guanylate cyclase in a rat model of pressure overload induced left ventricular myocardial hypertrophy and heart failure

Sarkadi, Balázs
Phenotype modifiers in patients with germline SDHB mutations

Sarnyai, Farkas
Toxicity of endogenous fatty acids and dietary trans-fatty acids in insulinoma cells

Schlingloff, Dániel
Examination of the septo-hippocampal cholinergic pathway

Simoncsics, Eszter
The effect of appraisal on dysfunction in chronic pain patients

Styevkóné Dinnyés, Andrea
Organ specific induction of lymphatic growth with nanoparticle-encapsulated nucleoside-modified VEGFC mRNA (VEGFC mRNA-LNP) complexes in vivo

Süle, Krisztina
The importance of investigating antioxidant capacity and metal element content in herbal dietary supplements

Sumánszki, Csaba
Physiologic and catecholaminergic response to stress in adult patients with phenylketonuria

Surján, Cecília
Analysis of factors influencing the quality of hip-fracture care in Hungar

Sydó, Nóra
Sports Cardiology and Exercise Physiology Screening of the Hungarian National Male and Female Waterpolo Teams before the Olympics

Szabó, Eszter

Szabó, Mihály
Preparation and examination of the low-molecular-weight tyrosine kinase inhibitors

Szakadáti, Gyöngyi
Determination of type 1 angiotensin II receptor activation induced gene expression changes in rat vascular smooth muscle cells

Szakmár, Enikő
Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy Therapy Optimization in Neonates for Better Neuroprotection with Inhalative CO2

Szalai, Tamás Dömötör
Parental and Adult Attachment and Eating Symptomology in Eating Disorder Patients and Sine Morbo Individuals

Szepesy, Judit
Setting up a mouse model for repeated moderate noise induced hearing loss

Szilveszter, Bálint
Evaluation of coronary plaque progression using coronary CT angiography

Sztupinszki, Zsófia
Validation of RNAi Silencing Efficiency Using Gene Array Data shows 18,5% Failure Rate across 429 Independent Experiments

Sztupinszki, Zsófia
Predicting lymph node status in breast cancer based on gene expression signature of the primary tumor

Szundi, Csilla
Examination of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in breast cancer

Szvák, Enikő
The mummification as a body preservation process - based on the Ptolemaic period mummies from Gamhud, Egypt

Takács, Rozália
Catatonia in gerontopsychiatric patients

Talpai, Szabolcs
Cisplatin induced hearing loss: setting up an animal model

Tasnády, Szabolcs
Interferon-gamma production-based virus specific T cell detection by functional flow cytometry after allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation

Tihanyi, Dóra Krisztina
Role of the gut-liver axis in accelerated liver regeneration

Tikhonov, E.A.
The change in the 5-HT content and the number of enteroendocrine cells in different parts of the colon in postnatal ontogenesis of rats.

TÖRÖLHETŐBöjti, Péter Pál
The importance of patent foramen ovale and transcranial Doppler sonography in cryptogenic stroke

TÖRÖLHETŐRacz, Frigyes Samuel
Investigating the impact of cognitive load on network measures in the prefrontal cortex - a functional near-infrared spectroscopic (fNIRS) study

Trojnár, Eszter
Analysis of linear antibody epitopes on factor H and CFHR1 using sera of patients with autoimmune atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome

Tsvetkov, Ivan
Morphological change of immune system organs in male C57Bl/6 mice with hyperandrogenemia

Vági, Orsolya
Diminished sensory nerve function among patients with high risk for the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus screened by the FINDRISC questionnaire

Vajda, Kinga Katalin
Challenges and opportunities for elderly people’s day care services in the light of growing and changing needs

Varga, Zoltán Kristóf
Context-dependent effects of early life adversities on behavioral and neural plasticity of juvenile zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Veres, Daniel
Translocatome: a novel tool for the functional analysis of protein translocation between cellular organelles

Veres-Székely, Apor
The role of the interleukin-24 in the pathomechanism of IBD-associated tissue remodelling

Vértes, Miklós
Possible risk factors for restenosis after kissing stenting of the iliac arteries

Veszeli, Nóra
Novel high-temporal resolution follow-up of an edematous attack of a C1-INH-HAE patient: complement system in focus

Vincze, Ágnes
Adherence as a habit The impact of personality traits on habit forming in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Vincze, István
Study on D-serine transport into SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells by chiral capillary electrophoresis

Zámbó, Zsófia
Structural investigation of the human alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase complex

Zolotova, N.A.
Colonic mucin barrier in acute and chronic DSS colitis

Zörgő, Szilvia
Cultural dispositions leading to complementary and alternative medicine use a medical anthropological analysis

Zsák, Éva
Legislative and protocol measures in perinatal mortality and their application in hungarian institutions

Zürn, Moritz
Isomerization study of the phenylethanoid acteoside isolated from its new and rich source: gall of Fraxinus angustifolia