PhD Scientific Days 2021

Budapest, 7-8 July 2021


Ágg, Bence
Improving the Quality and the Time Complexity of Network Visualization by Hierarchical Relative Entropy Optimization

Ágics, Beatrix
Effects of phytochemicals on human dendritic cell functions

Altorjay, Áron Gellért
Development of a two-dimensional array for exploring the biophysics of protein binding to actin

Andrási, Noémi
Diagnosing pediatric patients with hereditary C1-inhibitor deficiency – experience from the Hungarian Angioedema Center of Reference and Excellence

Antali, Flóra
Verification of the Photoplethysmography-based Pulse Rate Variability (PRV) Analysis and Determination of Its Compatibility with The Results of ECG-based Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Analysis

Árpádffy-Lovas, Tamás
Chronic Exercise Does Not Affect Sensitivity to Adrenaline in Dog Cardiac Ventricular Tissues

Babity, Mate
Resting cardiac marker levels and sports adaptation

Baksa, Dániel
A Genetic Study of Migraine and Comorbid Depression

Balla, Helga
Isoprostanes as possible therapeutic targets in detrusor hyperactivity related to oxidative stress

Balla, Zsuzsanna
The Importance of Complement Testing in Acquired Angioedema due to Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors

Balog, Vera
Continuous non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring of neonates undergoing hypothermia

Bansaghi, Szava
Scoring System to Compare the Reliability of Hand Disinfectant Solution Dispensers

Bányai, Bálint
Gender specific alterations of carotid artery vascular reactivity in Vitamin D – a rat model

Baranyi, Marcell
Prenylation inhibition in combination with Ras pathway targeting

Baráth, Barbara
Examination of The Effect of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome on Hemorheological Parameters in a Rat Model

Barta, András Gellért
Altered body composition in adult patients with Phenylketonuria

Barta, Bálint András
Cardiac Functional and Proteomic Study of Myocardial Ischemia in a Rat Model

Bartha, Áron
Transcriptome and proteome-based study of malignant and healthy kidney tissues

Becske, Melinda
Distractor Filtering and Its Electrophysiological Correlates in Schizophrenia

Bedics, Gábor
Comprehensive Profiling of DNA Copy Number Aberrations with Digital Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification in Pediatric B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Bencze, Dóra
The Type I Interferon-dependent Regulation of the NLRP3 Pathway in Human Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells

Bérczi, Ákos
Vascular procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic in a high volume Eastern European interventional radiology department

Bereczki, Ferenc
Stability Evaluation of Different Oblique Lumbar Interbody Fusion Constructs in Normal and Osteoporotic Condition –a Finite Element Based Study

Bogdola, Emese
The iron and vitamin-D metabolism correlation with athletic performance

Bognárné Barta, Hajnalka
Predictive Performance and Metabolite Dynamics of Proton MR Spectroscopy in Neonatal Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy

Bóna, Enikő
Health beliefs and motivations behind juice cleanse diets

Borsodi, Kinga
Intracellular Pathways of Bradykinin-Induced Murine Detrusor Muscle Contraction and a Potential Link with Bladder Dysfunctions

Boussoussou, Melinda
The Role Of Left Atrial Wall Thickness And Pulmonary Vein Anatomy In Success Of Pulmonary Vein Isolation Using The Close Protocol.

Bozsányi, Szabolcs
Preoperative examination of the surgical margins of melanoma using multispectral LED-based evaluation

Budai, András
Preliminary study of inflammasomes activity and growth patterns in colorectal adenocarcinoma liver metastases

Budai, Bettina Katalin
Three-dimensional CT Texture Analysis for Liver Fibrosis Staging

Budavári, Bálint
Preparation and investigation of liposomal corticosteroids

Búr, Zsófia
Effect of time restricted feeding on autoinflammatory arthritis

Christ, Carolin
Characterization of the Lymphatic Vasculature in Atherosclerosis

Csizmadia, Georgina
In silico investigation of SARS-CoV-2 E protein structure and function

Csizmarik, Anita
Identification of the mechanisms and predictive biomarkers in abiraterone resistance of prostate cancer

Csoma, Balázs
Measurements of upper and lower airway nitric oxide in healthy adults

Csordás, Georgina
Can Meaningful Work Prevent Turnover Intentions?

Danics, Lea
Modulated Electro-hyperthermia Suppresses H19, a Tumor Promoting Long Non-coding RNA, and Promotes Antitumor Effect of Methotrexate in a Triple Negative Breast Cancer Model

Dankó, Titanilla
Autophagy-induction Derived Non-apoptotic Cell Death in Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines

Daradics, Noémi
The Role of Bile Acids in Accelerated Liver Regeneration after ALPPS Operation in a Rodent Model

Dénes, Ádám
Microglia: key modulators of neuroinflammation, neuronal fate and cerebrovascular responses

Dobos, Dóra
Effect of Autogenic Training on Migraine Frequency and on the Activation of Migraine-related Pons Area in Response to Fearful Visual Stimuli

Dohy, Zsófia
Diagnostic and Prognostic Significance of Cardiac Magnetic Resonance-based Strain Analysis in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Dupont, Kinga
Measuring Adult Romantic Attachment in Hungary

Egyed, Bálint
Novel Liquid Biopsy Markers of Central Nervous System Involvement in Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Eke, Csaba
The association between preoperative hepatic venous flow and the outcome after cardiac surgery

Ella, Krisztina
Metabolic rhythm as a regulator of immune responses

Eszlári, Nóra
Circadian Clock Gene ARNTL Affects Depression Directly and Also Via Perseverative Negative Thinking

Fábián, Alexandra
Differences in mitral and tricuspid annular geometry in elite athletes with versus without functional mitral regurgitation: a 3D echocardiographic study

Farkas, Dóra
The Significance of Image Analysis in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Farkas, Klára
In vivo detection of skin changes in pseudoxanthoma elasticum using autofluorescence imaging

Ferdinandy, Péter
Welcome Address

Ferencz, Bence
New Insights Into the Site-specific Metastasis Pattern of Small Cell Lung Cancer

Ferencz Valéria, Prof.Dr. Tóth Miklós,
Effects of tamoxifen on cognitive functions in patients with breast cancer. A preliminary cross-sectional study.

Flink, Lili Borbála
Investigation of Inflammatory Biomarkers in Psoriasis

Forgách, László
Novel fluroescent labelled, pegylated Prussian Blue nanoparticles for in vivo optical imaging

Gál, Zsófia
Investigation of the protein composition of extracellular vesicles in asthma and COPD

Garádi, Zsófia
NMR-based Structural Identification of the Bioactive Metabolites Found in Two Hungarian Poroid Fungi

Gecse, Kinga
Tryptophan modulates periaqueductal gray matter networks and emotional symptoms in migraine

Geda, Orsolya
Validated Method for the Separation and Quantitative Determination of Gangliosides by Capillary Electrophoresis

Gellért, Áron
Experimental isolated lung perfusion model’s implication for physiological and pharmacological studies

Gergely, Tamás
Immune checkpoint inhibition with PD-1 inhibitor induces cardiac dysfunction without overt myocarditis in C57BL/6 mice

Gregor, Zsófia
Sex- and Age- Specific Normal Values of Left Ventricular Functional and Myocardial Mass Parameters Using Threshold-based Trabeculae Quantification

Hajduska-Dér, Bálint
Examination of Acoustic Features in Depression, Developing an Automatic Decision System for Discriminating Speech Pathology

Hegedüs, Panna
Anatomical dissection of the connectivity between the ventral tegmental area and basal forebrain nuclei in mice

Holczer, Marianna
The Systems Biological Analysis of PP2A-ULK1-mTOR Regulatory Triangle

Horváth, Angéla
The Diagnostic Accuracy of Preoperative Diagnostic Workup in Patients with Head and Neck Cancers Undergoing Neck Dissections in Terms Of Nodal Metastases

Horváth, Csaba
Dataset of cortical activity recorded with high spatial resolution from anesthetized rats

Hosszú, Ádám
Sigma-1 Receptor Agonists Are Renoprotective in Experimental Kidney Transplantation

Hricisák, László
Roles of Nitric Oxide and Prostanoid Mediators in the Adaptation of the Cerebrocortical Microcirculation

Hurler, Lisa
Development of Immunoassays for Specific Classical and Lectin Pathway Activation Markers

Janovicz, Anna
Molecular Mechanisms of Lysophosphatidylcholine-Induced Endothelial Dysfunction

Járay, Márton
Social support and loneliness among Hungarian Lutheran clergy

Jász, Anna
The role of the calretinin positive neurons in the paraventricular thalamus in the rodent model of stress induced sleep disorder

Jobbágy, Antal
Application of teledermatology during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic

Joura, Marie Isolde
Interactions between immune system and the microbiome of skin, blood and gut in pathogenesis of rosacea

Judit, Simon
On-site coronary CT - derived FFR for the assessment of non-culprit lesions in patients who suffered myocardial infarction

Juhász, Ákos György
Creating and Characterizing Three Dimensional Electrospun Matrices

Juhasz, Vencel
Semmelweis post-COVID athletes' register - preliminary results

Kalabay, Márton
Tumor inhibitory mechanism of novel tamoxifen derivates on breast- and pancreatic cancer cell lines

Kalydi, Eszter
Synthesis and Characterization of New Sugammadex-analogue Cyclodextrins

Kantor, Mark
Animal models of preeclampsia for investigating cerebrovascular autoregulation – advantages and limitations

Karádi, Dávid Árpád
Glycin transoporter inhibitors: an emerging novel therapeutic option in the treatment of neuropathic pain

Karczub, János
miR-455-3p Contributes to the Downregulation of Claudin-3 Expression in the Carcinogenesis and Metastasis of Colorectal Adenocarcinomas

Kazsoki, Adrienn
Formulation Of Nanofibrous Patches For The Treatment Of Herpes Labialis

Kecskeméti, Dorottya
Cause of death in adult patients with congenital heart disease: experiences of a tertiary centre

Kelemen, Andrea
The intratumoral heterogeneity of CD44 has the most robust effect on the cargo and release of extracellular vesicles in colorectal cancer

Keller, Dávid
A New Brain Mechanism Promoting Physical Contact in Social Behaviour

Keller, Ilka
The role of SMTNL-1 in the physiological and pathological functions of female reproductive system

Kemecsei, Eva
Characterizing the role of lymphatics in autoimmune arthritis

Keresztes, Dorottya
Development of an automated, artificial intelligence based system to recognise, diagnose and follow up nail symptoms and disorders

Kerkovits, Nóra Melinda
A New Role for PAR2 Receptor in Endothelium-Dependent Vascular Responses

Király, Zsófia
Clinicopathologic Study of 14 Patients with Lupus Erythematosus Panniculitis

Királyhidi, Panna
SLAP deficiency prevent collagen induced arthritis

Kis, Noémi
Unique Properties of Dendritic Ca2+ Spikes in Hippocampal CA3 Pyramidal Neurons

Kiss, Anna Réka
Age- and Sex-specific Reference Values of Right Ventricular Compacted and Trabeculated Myocardium by Cardiac Magnetic Resonance

Kiss, Boldizsar
Prospective analysis of FORECAST pilot score for estimation the early mortality in resuscitated patients

Koch, Kristóf
Processing risk factors of complications and lenght of stay after primary sacral tumor surgeries

Koch, Kristóf
Complications and length of hospital stay after percutaneous cement discoplasty

Kocsis, Zsolt
High-Resolution Retinotopic Mapping with Intrinsic Signal Optical Imaging in the Cat's Primary Visual Cortex

Kocsmár, Éva
Proteomic Characterization of the Post-mortem Interval-dependent Human Tissue Degradation

Kocsmár, Ildikó
Polysomy 17 Analysis Using Fluorescent in Situ Hybridization Can Predict the Progression of Non-muscle-invasive Bladder Cancers into Muscle-invasive Disease

Komolafe, Cinderella
Roma – non-Roma interethnic romantic relationships in Hungary

Koncz, Szabolcs
Tramadol Shows Beneficial Quantitative EEG Effects During Non-REM Sleep Compared to Pregabalin and Tolperisone

Koncz, Zsuzsa
Characteristics of Complementary and Alternative Medicine Use Among Hungarian Breast Cancer Patients in Perioperative Phase

Kostyál, László Árpád
Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Family Carers of Older People Living with Dementia in Italy and Hungary

Koszorú, Kamilla
The Impact of Atopic Dermatitis on Health-Related Quality of Life

Kothalawala, William Jayasekara
In Silico Investigation of Cellular Decomposition Differences Between Normal Mucosa and Colorectal Cancer

Kotmayer, Lili
Sensitive Screening and Monitoring of BTK p.C481S Mutations in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia During Ibrutinib Therapy

Kovács, Borbála
Modular Reorganization of Signaling Networks during the Development of Cancer

Kovács, Gábor
Characterization of the Role of Lymphatic Vessels in mRNA-LNP Vaccine Induced Immune Response

Kovács, Patrik
The Effects of Lithocolic Acid on Oxidative Stress in Breast Bancer

Kovács, Szonja Anna
Investigation of Predictive Biomarkers in Immuno-Oncology

Kovácsházi, Csenger
Ischemic helium conditioning increases cardiac fibroblast migration which is not propagated via soluble factors or extracellular vesicles

Kövy, Petra
Nucleophosmin1 and isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 and 2 as measurable residual disease markers in acute myeloid leukemia

Krizsán, Szilvia
Comprehensive Mutation Screening by Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing of Patients with Normal Karyotype Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Krokker, Lilla
Application of 3d in vitro tumor model in investigation of adrenocortical cancer therapy response

Kucsera, Dániel
Characterization of the CDAA-induced non-alcoholic steatohepatitis model: sex-specific differences in inflammation, fibrosis, and cholesterol metabolism in middle-aged mice

Kulin, Anna
Association between the expression level of GLUT1 transporter and its polymorphisms – potential relevance in metabolic diseases

Kulin, Daniel
Peripheral Pulse Wave Changes in a COVID-19 Patient by an Innovative Remote Daily Monitoring System - a Case Study

Kulyassa, Péter Márton
Predictors of mortality following extracorporeal membrane oxygenation support in an unselected, critically ill patient population

Kuthi, Luca
What do we know about ARNI based on clinical experience?- Use of ENTRESTO in everyday clinical practice

Lakat, Tamás
Lyophilization and homogenization of biological samples improves reproducibility and reduces standard deviation in molecular biology techniques

Lakatos, Bálint Károly
Frequent constriction-like echocardiographic findings in elite athletes following mild COVID-19: in the grasp of SARS-CoV-2?

Lakatos, Péter
The Effects of Tolperisone on Neuronal Glutamate Release

László, Szilvia Bianka
Chronic Administration of Selective COX-2 Inhibitors Ameliorates Mesenteric Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury

Lesinszki, Lukács Sándor
Src-family Kinases in Immune Complex-mediated Glomerulonephritis

Lévai, Eszter
Role of PARK7 in Peritoneal Inflammation

Lippai, Zoltán
NTRK Gene Alterations in Soft Tissue Tumors

Maihoub, Stefani
Comparative Study Between the Auditory and Vestibular Functions in Ménière’s Disease

Majer, Aliz
Vasoactive Actions of Lysophospholipid Mediators in Human Coronary Arteries

Major, Enikő
The effect of modulated electro-hyperthermia on endothelial cells

Malkovics, Tamás Ákos
Neurological Complications in Dermatitis Herpetiformis

Matolay, Orsolya
Investigation of CAIX expression in non-Hodgkin lymphomas

Maurovich-Horvat, Pál
Artificial intelligence in medical imaging

Mendik, Péter
Translocating Proteins Compartment-specifically Alter the Fate of Epithelial-mesenchymal Transition in a Compartmentalized Boolean Network Model

Mezei, Tamás
Supplementary valproate therapy for glioma patients - an alternative opportunity to enhance the efficiency of the radio-chemotherapy

Mir, Mohd Yaqub
Modular Organization of Signal Transmission in the Primate Somatosensory Cortex

Mirzahosseini, Arashi
On the correlation between cysteine NMR chemical shifts in peptides and the thiolate acid-base/redox character

Mladoneczki-Leszkó, Dóra
Mapping the life quality of teenagers living with cerebral palsy from a different socio-cultural background

Moldvai, Dorottya
Studies Finding Additional Therapeutic Options in Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinomas

Molnár, András
Depression and Anxiety in the Vertiginous Population

Mózner, Orsolya
Examining the Modulation of the Plasma Membrane Calcium Pump PMCA4b in Erythroid Cells

Nagy, Ákos
Liquid Biopsy-Based Monitoring of EZH2 Mutations in Follicular Lymphoma

Nagy, Tamás
Connective tissue disease-associated interstitial lung disease (CTD-ILD) patient characteristics and treatment possibilities.

Nazarian, Sara
MDH2 reducing oxaloacetate to malate provides NAD+ to KGDHC during respiratory arrest supporting glutaminolysis and mitochondrial substrate-level phosphorylation

Németh, Dominik
Contact Allergy in the Elderly

Németh, Krisztina
Hepatic extracellular vesicle release and uptake under normolipemia and hyperlipidemia

Némethné Schutzmann, Réka
Professional confidential network profiles of social care institution leaders in Hungary

Ocskay, Zsombor
Characterization of the Mechanisms Leading to Age-related Changes of Meningeal Lymphatics

Ónodi, Zsófia
Transcriptomic analysis and comparative characterization of rat H9C2, human AC16 and murine HL-1 cardiac cell lines

Pajtók, Csenge
High Salt Intake Impairs Dermal Tissue Remodeling

Pajtók, Csenge
Excess Sodium Chloride Induces Inflammation and Profibrotic Response in Peritoneal Cells

Pál, Éva
Vitamin D Receptor Deficiency Impairs the Adaptation of the Cerebrocortical Microcirculation to Unilateral Carotid Artery Occlusion

Palcsó, Barnabás
Formulation and evaluation of a polymer-based chlorine dioxide releasing system

Pálla, Tamás
Selenate – an Internal Chemical Shift Standard for Aqueous 77Se NMR Spectroscopy

Pallag, Gergely
Proline Oxidation in Mitochondria with Inhibited Complex I Maintains Forward Mode of F0-F1 ATP Synthase Due to High Electron Flow and Ubiquinone Reduction

Pánczél, Áron
Monitoring Osteoclast Development with a Fluorescence-based Method

Papp, Noémi
Undisturbed Sleep-Wake Architecture Following Tolperisone Treatment

Pasitka, Jonatán
The Observation of DNA Photorepair Activity of Wild-type- and Cryptochrome-like E.coli Photolyase Variants

Pató, Anna Terézia
Developing Research Tools to Study Duox1 NADPH Oxidase

Pétervári, Mátyás
Using network analysis for better signal detection in pharmacovigilance

Piros, Éva Anna
Interleukin-17-inhibitor therapy has a beneficial effect on the cardiometabolic status of severe psoriatic patients

Piróth, Zsolt
The Correlation and Relative Prognostic Value of FFR and Pd/Pa of Non-Culprit Lesions in STEMI

Plázár, Dóra
Genotype-phenotype correlation study and analysis of dermoscopy features in Darier disease

Pólai, Zsófia
Detailed long term follow up of a patient with acquired angioedema due to C1-inhibitor deficiency

Pósfai, Balázs
Molecular Anatomy and Function of Somatic Microglia-Neuron Junctions

Prokop, Susanne
The potential neuropharmacological importance of the Islands of Calleja brain region

Puhl, Eszter
Pharmacovigilance literacy among medical and pharmacy students at Semmelweis University

Rado, Nora
Attitudes towards telecare among homeless people in Hungary

Rádosi, Alexandra
Examining the Relations between Fight-Flight-Freeze System Sensitivity, Emotion Dysregulation, and Substance Use in Adolescents

Reszegi, Andrea
Overexpression of Human Decorin Protects against the Thioacetamide-Induced Hepatocarcinogenesis in Mice

Rokai, János
ELVISort: encoding latent variables for instant sorting, an artificial intelligence-based end-to-end solution

Ruppert, Mihály
Myocardial work index: a marker of left ventricular contractility in pressure- or volume overload-induced heart failure

Salma, András
Morphofunctional Mapping of the Anterior Part of the Human Thalamus

Sasvári, Péter
Proteomic Analysis of the Interaction Partners of ARHGAP25 in Neutrophils

Sayour, Alex Ali
Effect of cardiac resynchronization therapy on left ventricular gene expression profile

Sayour, Viktor Nabil
Lack of efficacy of remote ischemic preconditioning on infarct size in rats: evidence from randomized, blinded studies of myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury in three different study centers and from a systematic review

Schvarcz, Csaba András
Modulated Electro-Hyperthermia Induces a Prominent Local Stress Response and Growth Inhibition in Triple Negative Mouse Breast Cancer

Schwertner, Walter Richard
Pacemaker Upgrade to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy-Defibrillator or Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy-Pacemaker Without Prior Ventricular Arrhythmias: a Long-term Single-centre Retrospective Analysis

Seidl, Dániel
The molecular basis of the exceptional dominant transmission of NPHS2-associated nephrotic syndrome

Simon, Alexandra
Blood-brain barrier permeability study of Mitragyna speciosa alkaloids.

Simon, Botond
The role of palatal geometry in gender discrimination and human identification

Simon, Márton
Understanding the Mechanism of CFTR Ion Channel Bursting and of CF Caused by Mutation R117H

Sipőcz, Diána Gizella
Chronically Ill Elderly Patients' Spirituality in Palliative Care

Solymosi, Dóra
Food allergy, or not - that is the question

Sólyom-Tisza, Anna
Distribution of Sunitinib, an Antiangiogenic Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor, in Primary Versus Metastatic Tumors in Mice

Somogyvári, Milán
SIR-2.1 regulates lipolysis via HSF-1 in C. elegans

Soós, András Áron
Regulating extracellular vesicle release from pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Stubnya, Bence Gusztáv
Comparison of the Effect of Subvastus versus Medial Parapatellar Approach in the Early Postoperative Rehabilitation

Stylianou, Orestis
Increased Multifractal Functional Connectivity in the Brain During Visual Pattern Recognition

Sugár, Simon
The Importance of Data Analysis in Glycoproteomics

Sváb, Gergely
Effect of Methylene Blue on Complex III-Inhibited Mitochondria

Sydó, Nóra
The effect of COVID-19 on the Olympic preparation of National Swim Team Hungary

Szabó, Ákos
A Comparative Study on the Measurement Properties of DLQI, DLQI-R and Skindex-16

Szabó, Bálint Gergely
Does favipiravir avoid disease progression among adult patients hospitalized with moderate to severe COVID-19? A prospective, sequential cohort study from Hungary

Szabó, Bálint Gergely
Invasive fungal infections among critically ill adult COVID-19 patients: first experiences from the national centre in Hungary

Szabó, Bálint Gergely
Laboratory parameters predicting in-hospital mortality of adult in-patients with COVID-19 associated cytokine release syndrome treated with high-dose tocilizumab – experiences from the national COVID-19 centre of Hungary

Szabó, Ferenc Ádám
A pilot evaluation of judges’ preferences with respect to forensic psychiatry expertise in Hungary

Szabó, Liliána
Training- and sex-related alterations of global feature-tracking strain values in young, highly trained elite athletes using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging

Szász, Zsófia
Investigation of the effects of the TIC-10 molecule and its halogenated derivatives on PANC-1 cell line

Szécsényi-Nagy, Balázs
A koronavírus járvány hatása a császármetszések arányának trendjére

Szécsi, Balázs
Endocrine Management of Cardiac Donors: Thyroxine Supplementation during Heart Transplant

Szeifert, Viktória
Role of Mac-1 receptor clustering in the formation of neutrophil granulocyte derived antibacterial and pro-inflammtory extracellular vesicles

Szeitz, Beáta
Metabolic Reprogramming and Immune System Modulation in Metastatic Melanoma - a Proteogenomic Study

Szentpéteri, Szófia
Examination of Interleukin 1A and 1B single nucleotid polimorphism in development and prognosis of medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw

Szigeti, Krisztina
Alteration of Global DNA Methylation Pattern and Methyl-donor Content during Colorectal Cancer Progression

Szigeti F., Judit
Validation of a Hungarian Psychologcal Screening Measure for Assisted Reproduction Patients

Szijártó, Attila
Legend of Prometheus - Underlaying mechanisms of Surgically Induced Liver Regeneration - Bench-to-bedside

Sziklai, Dominik
Nanoscale Manipulation of the Sarcomeric M-line Complex

Szilvay, András
Assessing the opinions and needs of patients with polypharmacy on medication review in the frame of basic pharmaceutical care in Hungarian community pharmacies

Szilveszter, Kata
Characterizing the Role of PLCγ2 in Autoantibody-induced Skin Blistering

Szőke, Dániel
Nucleoside-modified VEGFC mRNA induces organ-specific lymphatic growth and reverses experimental lymphedema

Sztankovics, Dániel
Analysis of RICTOR Amplification and mTOR Inhibitor Sensitivity in Small Cell Lung Carcinoma

Takács, Angéla
Synergy of Bortezomib and TIC10 in melanoma in vitro

Toh, Ariel
Navigating systems of change with adaptation pathways: between climate points and health points

Tokodi, Márton
Novel Insights into the Athlete’s Heart: Is Myocardial Work the New Champion of Systolic Function?

Tordai, Csongor
In vitro modeling of schizophrenia by induced pluripotent stem cell-based technique: role of de novo mutations in functional assays

Tóth, Ákos
Short- and long-term renal damage following perinatal asphyxia in rat model

Tóth, András
Analysing the Effect of the Alpha-2 Adrenoceptor Agonist Clonidine on Indomethacin-Induced Small Bowel Damage in Rats

Tóth, Dániel
Insights into the substrate binding mechanism of SULT1A1 through Molecular Dynamics with excited Normal Modes simulations

Tóth, Kinga
Comparative genomic analysis of the subclades C2/H30Rx and C1-M27 of - Escherichia coli ST131 high-risk clone across Hungary from 2007-2018

Tóth, Krisztina
A T3-szintek Összefüggésbe Hozható az Elektív Szívműtéti Betegek Hosszabb Lélegeztetésével

Tóth-Vajna, Gergely
Depression among predictors of intermittent claudication

Tran, Ngoc Minh
The Protective Role of Sigma-1 Receptor on Trabecular Meshwork Cells

Turai, Péter
Studies on Circular RNAs in Adrenocortical Tumors

Turbucz, Máté
Finite Element Study of the Closed Loop Reconstruction Technique Method Following Total Sacrectomy

Tyukodi, Levente
Investigation of novel C5-cyclic curcuminoid analogs in spectral aspects

Ujlaki, Gyula
Object Segmentation and Analysis of Cancer Cells on High Throughput Microscopy Images, Using Conventional Methods and Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Váncza, Lóránd
The Role of SPOCK1 in Liver Cancer

Varga, Bálint
Network Path Convergence Shapes Low-Level Processing in the Visual Cortex

Varga, Kamilla
Examining the Role of Apoptosis and Mitochondrial Damage in the Cytoprotective Effect of Resveratrol and its Analogues

Várnai, Bianka
Charge-dependent molecular interactions in remdesivir-cyclodextrin systems

Vass, Virág
Investigating Hydrogen-Sulfide (H2S) Delivery Capacity and Cardioprotective Effects of a H2S Releasing Ibuprofen Derivative

Vattay, Borbála
The Impact of Left Atrial Strain Parameters on Systolic and Diastolic Improvement Following Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation

Végh, Dániel
Dental screening for patients living with type-1 diabetes mellitus

Veres, Boglárka
Long-term mortality benefit of adding an ICD to CRT in non-ischemic patients

Veszelyi, Krisztina Nóra
The Possible Absence of the Thioredoxin / Thioredoxin Reductase System in the Lumen of the Endoplasmic Reticulum

Vincze, Katalin
Generation of iPSC lines from identical diabetic twins

Virág, Dávid
Investigating the structural alterations of Human Serum Alpha-1-acid Glycoprotein as a Potential Biomarker of Malignant Melanoma

Visolyi, Gergely
Pregnancy outcomes of women with untreated gestational diabetes (according to the WHO 2013 diagnostic criteria)

Voniatis, Constantinos
Developing Evidence-based Hygiene by a Utilising Digital Health System

Vörös, Imre
Role of Endogenous Somatostatin in Ischemia-Reperfusion and Cardioprotection

Wafa, Dina
S1P Signaling and Coronary Flow

Zakariás, Sára Judit
Co-occurrence of Two Autosomal Dominant Disorders Revealed by Genetic Testing

Zámbó, Veronika
Investigation of the regulation and the gene expression pattern of stearyl-CoA desaturase 5 (SCD5)

Zichó, Krisztián
Role of Hippocampal Interneurons in Contextual Memory Recall

Zolcsák, Ádám
Photosensitization induced membrane disruption studied with Atomic Force Microscopy

Zoltán, Herold
A Continuous Increase in Platelet Count Is Associated with Worse Survival of Colorectal Cancer Patients

Zsigrai, Sára
Analyzing the Effect of Folic Acid on Genetic and Epigenetic Alterations